Jaimie VanSickle

Systems & Operations Specialist

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Agency Owner

J VanSickle Company started business in 2010 and has been serving online businesses for the past 13 years. Top specialist in online business management, systems design, business auditing, administrative management, team management, project management, and online marketing.

Brands Served

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6-Years & Counting: Waitlist Workshops

Director of Operations managing all systems, team, virtual assistants, projects, members, technology, marketing, sales and more.

13-Years & Counting: J VanSickle Company

Online business management agency serving small online businesses in marketing, operations, human resources, virtual team management, project management, systems, operations, and more.

3-Years My Spa Products

Online natural spa products company founder.

17-Years: Corporate America Rat Race

Finance, Human Resources, Administration, Logistics

Work With Jaimie

Get more leads, sort sales in one place and eliminate admin, because your day belongs to you.

Operations & Systems Auditing

Gain transparency and a holistic view of your business operations and systems.

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Systems as a Service

Once you have a fully audited business it's time to set a plan in place and develop systems that will secure your business ops for future scaling and growth.

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Director of Operations

Choose a leader with experience, knowledge, credibility, and a long track record in managing a growing business.

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Business coaching for systems, team development, virtual team training, virtual assistant training, processes, online marketing execution, and project management.

Our awesome features

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