POSTED: June 28, 2023

Customer Support Coordinator

  • US Based Only

  • Working Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST

  • Full-Time Position

  • Salary: Based on Experience + Bonus Structure

  • Benefits: Vacation, Holidays, PTO

  • Equipment Required: High-Speed Internet, PC or Mac, Dual Monitors, Private Workspace at Home, Headset, Mic, Cell Phone


We are currently seeking a bubbly, outgoing, motivated, and curious team member who isn't afraid to jump in and learn new skillsets with a growing event-based marketing company.

This company is headquartered in Austin Texas but the position is a remote work-from-home position. This company works with chiropractors, coaches, solar, and the MedSpa industries to deliver event-based marketing management and support.

This position will require technical skills, online skills, and excellent customer support. It is a full-time, Monday-Friday daytime working hours, and it does require live-time support, team meetings, and direct client contact.

Position will report to Director of Operations and will coordinate and work with a team of a dozen or more.

This team member will support in these related duties:

  • HelpDesk Support via ZenDesk software

  • Assistance with Scheduling & Travel Duties

  • Customer Support

  • Content Management, Electronic Filing, Client-Relations Management Record Updates

  • Other administrative duties as needed to include data-entry, billing, and other special projects.

This team member must possess:

  • Curiosity, Willingness To Learn, and Desire Personal & Professional Growth

  • Desire for long-term growth within an organization.

  • Available to work Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST

  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Excellent grammar and typesetting experience necessary.

  • A great eye and attention for details.

  • Available to accept and make calls on company's behalf via our technology software (we train you on) with a professional backdrop for Zoom and video calls.

  • Ability to multi-task and work within various online applications simultaneously, and to catch communications and directives coming from more than one interface.

  • Ability to work well independently and to take both written and verbal instructions.

  • Have working technology such as desktops, laptop, cell phone, high-speed internet is a must.

  • A quiet, distraction free, workspace in the home without interruptions, barking dogs, or young children causing interruptions or creating distractions with customers.

  • Work well within a remote team environment.

  • Pass a background check and drug tests.

  • Have basic computer/typing and internet browser skills.

  • Must possess a cheerful, optimistic, energetic and positive workplace demeanor.

  • Must be a bubbly personality that loves to help people and carries a CAN DO attitude.

  • Must be able to handle conflict and negative issues that occasionally arise in the helpdesk.

  • Cannot be afraid to make phone calls. You will be on the phone a lot running the help desk.

  • Must be able to follow directives and Standard Operating Procedures.

Bonus for any of the following attributes or experience:

  • Experience in Go High Level app.

  • Digital Online Marketing Experience

  • Slack

  • Airtable

  • Google Drive: Google Docs and Google Sheets

  • Wordpress

  • ZenDesk

  • Zoom

  • Loom

To apply submit your resume to jvs@jvsops.com

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