Jaimie VanSickle

Director of Operations

Professional administrative and operations director with more than 14-years experience in leading and managing remote-based companies, systems, and teams with another 20 years experience in Corporate America.  Involved in all facets of small business and team development.



Michigan, USA

Serving Remote-Hybrid Businesses for 13+ Years

Successfully managing multi-million dollar businesses in the digital marketing, publishing, and online business space growing many online businesses by 750% in the first year alone.

Successfully setting up business and operational systems by integrating online platforms, databases, websites, CRMs and more.

Developing and implementing new marketing and sales plans with defined strategies and goals.

Successfully setup financial processes.

Developing and implementing customer support processes, documentation, and systems.

Successfully managing remote-teams both US-Based and Internationally.

Ensuring projects and campaigns are designed and run smoothly and effectively with the right team members and processes in place.

Successfully designing and launching websites, membership platforms, and other online media.

Successfully designed and managed in-person seminars and large events with upwards of 250 attendees.

Managed three New York Times best-selling book launches over a 10 year period.

Successfully designed and implemented SOPs for all departments in the online business space.

Ensuring a seamless Human Resource-to-Employee relationship by managing handbooks, payroll, and other employee or contractor based records.


Online Business



Brands Served

Serving Remote-Hybrid Businesses for 13+ Years

Operations & Systems Auditing

Gain transparency and a holistic view of your business operations and systems.

Systems as a Service (SaaS)

Once you have a fully audited business it's time to set a plan in place and develop systems that will secure your business ops for future scaling and growth.

  • Full Scale Systems Launch

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Team Members On Bases

Director of Operations

Choose a leader with experience, knowledge, credibility, and a long track record in managing a growing remote/hybrid based business.

Systems & Leadership Coaching

Get your team and operations sorted and on the same page with an experienced SaaS & Leadership coach.

  • Business Coaching for Systems

  • Team Development & VA Training

  • Online Marketing Directives

  • Project Management

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • KPIs

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Jaimie VanSickle

Founder & Chief of Operations

Jaimie VanSickle, Founder and COO of J VanSickle Company, started her career in administrative management and accounting. She started out at a young age and balanced her growing career along with college at Eastern Michigan University.  Holding positions from basic administrative level and upwards of administrative management, team management, and eventually onto international accounts payable in manufacturing.  After 17-years in the corporate field, she had children and decided it was time to end the corporate rat race (although she enjoyed it immensely.) It was time to leverage her leadership experience and launch her own Online Business Management agency. 

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